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We're taking Oxford's diversity problem into our own hands.

Ready to Apply? Taking the Autumn A Level Exams?

Here's the problem

All too often worthy candidates don't make it through or don't even apply because they haven't had access to the right resources or support. As everyone knows, Oxford has always been associated with a sense of elitism, and whilst the University makes efforts to overcome this by trying to diversify the make-up of offer holders - this does not address the fundamental inequality of preparation and information faced across the nation.

  • Personal Statement writing advice or mock interviews are heavily dependent on the school students attend, or the region they live in.
  • Aspirations about attending Oxford are hindered by the level of Higher Education participation in a student’s area or family.
  • The fear that it’s ‘Not the right place for you’, or lack of information about Oxford, is stemmed from students having no one they know who has been to Oxford.

What are we doing about it?

We ensure that gifted students across the UK all receive an equal opportunity to study at Oxford, no matter their background. To do this, we match gifted students with mentors through a unique application process, and offer them support including:

Personal Statement Advice

Students will not only get access to read-throughs and advice for their statements, they will also receive subject-specific advice to help them make the most out of their 4000 characters.

Competitive Application Help

Mentors will help their students curate an application that stands out with university-level reading materials, as well as tailored advice for choosing which college to apply to.

Aptitude Test Support

Mentors will give guidance on exam technique, time management and revision methods to help them score well in what traditionally plays an important part in separating candidates with similar portfolios.

Mock Interview Practise

Students will be gently eased into mock interviews to help them prepare for the real thing and feel empowered through general performance tips and subject- and college- specific insights.

The Application Process

Our application process is designed to help students show off their best selves, and is what makes us unique.



At this stage, we ensure students meet 1 or more of our criteria to be a part of the program.

  • Initial Criteria Gage
  • Personality-Style Questions



Finally, we match our students with mentors based on:

  • Subject
  • College of interest
  • Background

About Us

As two first year undergraduates at the University of Oxford we, like many others, battled between being grateful for being at such a wonderful institution, and thinking about all the others who deserved to be there, but couldn't.

UniPear was founded with the mission of increasing the diversity of Oxford Undergraduates by seeking to address the inequality of preparation and information surrounding applications. Although neither of us claim to have come from deprived backgrounds we are both very aware of the privileges we have been granted. We were fortunate enough to scrape our way into Oxford on the back of supportive teachers, personal statement guidance, mock interviews, and information and understanding of the Oxford system from friends and family who have been before us. These are not privileges granted to all applicants, and yet they were so fundamental to our ability to get an offer. Having recognised this we set up UniPear to provide an access to this level of support for students who do not necessarily receive it in their current surroundings. With one-to-one support from a current Oxford student, there could not be a better source of guidance and information about how to get in, and what to do once you get here.

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Get Started

We're so excited you're ready to take action. To help you, here's all the information and links you need to get started.

  • First off, we're so glad you're ready to take the first step to transforming your Oxford application journey - we're excited to get to know you! As you've read, the process is super simple: simply fill out this initial form and then we'll contact you to set up an informal conversation with us so we can get to know you better. If you prefer, you can choose to send written submissions instead of a conversation - whatever you feel the most comfortable doing! Here's the form you need:
    (can't see the form? click here.)

  • Whatever the reason you have chosen to give us some of your time, we hope that together we can help to make a real difference and diversify the student landscape here at Oxford. We're so excited to have you on board and to get you connected to students who will really, really appreciate the difference you make to their lives. To get started, just fill out this form:
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  • We're delighted that you've gotten this far in learning about us and that you're interested in getting involved. We'd suggest you shoot us an email here telling us more about what you're looking for and we'll go from there:)

  • If you've read this far, you're probably here because you think your child could benefit from a program like this. We think so too! We'd suggest you forward this website on to them and get them to fill out the application form, and in the meantime if you have any questions or concerns, do reach out to us here!

Taking your A Levels this Autumn?

We're here to support.

Just like you, we're angry at the algorithm which has disproportionately affected state school, working class, and many minority-background students. If your grades have been affected by this algorithmn, you've now found yourself without your Oxford place, and you're thinking about taking your A Levels this Autumn to increase your grades, we want to help. We've invited our mentors to volunteer their time to tutor you or share their notes so you can get that extra support you need, for free (the cost of resits is expensive enough!). If this sounds like something you could benefit from, simply fill out this form here, and we'll get in touch!